Saturday, June 4, 2011

BIG UPDATE!!! 17 Weeks!

I'm officially 17 weeks pregnant & Baby Perno is now the size of a turnip, weighing around 5oz with a length of 5 inches from head to bottom!

How am I feeling? Overall I've been feeling really good! Although once in a while I still have nausea right before bed which makes me throw up.. isn't that pleasant? Otherwise my energy is mostly good & I really cannot complain. I'm going to try & enjoy the second trimester honeymoon from discomfort!

Any new changes this week? Well, we had our elective ultrasound on Friday where we found out that Baby Perno is a girl!! When the ultrasound tech started, she said it might be difficult to tell at this point since the baby is still small so I was nervous that she was going to say she couldn't tell. Then at one point I thought I saw a boy part even though my gut instinct told me we were having a girl. But, eventually she told us that Baby Perno is a girl & we were both beside ourselves with joy. I haven't had an ultrasound since I was six weeks along & the baby was only a small blob on the screen at that time, so it was absolutely amazing to see a fully formed baby! Even though this is our second time around, it still blows my mind that there is a human being growing inside of me. Unreal. We feel so positively blessed & never take it for granted. We only pray that she continues to grow to be a strong, healthy girl!

We didn't want to put too much thought into names until we knew the gender, so after our ultrasound we had lunch & narrowed down a list of considerations. This afternoon, we decided for sure...

Meet Reese Elizabeth Pernecky!

Here's her hand waving hi!

And though this picture may look a little scary, it was absolutely adorable to watch her move & yawn! Growing into a human can be exhausting!

Seeing our baby girl & picking a name makes things so much more real. We are so thankful & excited!!

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