Thursday, June 16, 2011

Prunes, Prunes & More Prunes!

Ever since this little boy has been potty trained, he's had issues with constipation. He never ever had an issue when he was in diapers but now that he actually has to stop what he's doing to go poop, he chooses to hold it instead, causing constipation. Never have I been more obsessed with poop or lack thereof as I am now! Last night was awful; it started when Cam sat on the potty for nearly a half hour and had no outcome. We resorted to using a Pedia-Lax glycerine suppository but even that did little good (and in the past it's worked wonders within minutes).

Cam insists on privacy during #2 and who can blame him, so after we gave him the suppository I hung outside the bathroom door until I heard him crying in pain. My heart broke & I felt totally helpless since other than hugging him, there was little else I could do. Finally we pushed both of his knees towards his chest since I had seen that there was a major something trying to come out & it finally passed after we did that. After seeing him in so much pain, we decided we really need to do something to prevent that from happening again. Since the kid will barely touch a fruit or vegetable, we're left with high fiber cereals which he will eat & we're trying prunes & prune juice as of today. Luckily he loves both so we're praying this helps him!

Why did I decide to dedicate a blog post to my child's BMs?? Because, like I said, this constipation issue is making me obsessed with poop!! Poop was on my brain so I decided to put it on paper! Any one else have experience with toddler constipation? Find anything that helps?? Any input would be appreciated!! Keep in mind, he adamantly refuses to eat most fruits & vegetables... And yep, we continue to try & try & try some more to no avail!

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  1. I'm Lauren G's sil. My son also had constipation issues so I feel your pain and obsession :) Our ped told us anything starting with a P was a good fight against constipation. Pear juice, peas, prunes, pears etc. Pear juice was an easy one for us to get him to take. He finally ended up on miralax when he got older for a few weeks until he regulated again. Praying the prunes work for your little guy, the sunsweet ones are treats around here.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Traci! Cam definitely won't do peas but we'll try pears (and maybe even peaches)! He's tapered off on accepting the prunes but is taking the prune juice daily. I mix it with different juices to give him variety & it seems to be working! We're so relieved that he's having relief!