Sunday, June 12, 2011

18 Week Update

I'm 18 weeks & Reese is now the size of a bell pepper, weighing 7 ounces with a length of 5 1/2 inches!

How am I feeling? This has been a really rough week since Cam was sick with a cold, fever & cough. We called the doctor & they said a virus was going around & as long as he didn't have a fever for more than five days (his lasted 3-4 days) & his temp wasn't over 104 (his never went over 103), we didn't need to bring him in. Luckily he's feeling so much better after spending the week with my mom, getting tons of rest & TLC & staying out of daycare. Unfortunately, I now have his cold. I have no fever or cough, but my sinuses are a disaster & I feel like there's a brick on my face. I've also been WIPED out this weekend with absolutely no energy. I'm going to lay low again today in hopes that I'll have more pep for work tomorrow otherwise it's going to be another long week.

Any new changes this week? I feel Reese every now & then but nothing very strong yet. I'm still really comfortable with my sleep, working out & just moving about in general. I know that will majorly change by the end of my pregnancy since my torso is so dang short. With Cam, I felt like my ribs would bust open & I was so incredibly uncomfortable the last couple of months.

Weight gain? Nope, still a pound down. I looked back at my pregnancy with Cam since I had documented my weekly weights in my planner & I was the same way with him. Lately as long as I take my vitamin/DHA supplement on a full stomach, I haven't had any nausea or vomiting so that will help. Some days my appetite is just pitiful though, especially when I'm working & stressed, but I make sure to eat well on days I have a good appetite.

P.S. I cannot express just how thankful I am that Cam has such amazing grandparents. Having my mom here all week was such a blessing! Not only did she take awesome care of Cam but she washed all of our laundry, made our coffee, did our dishes, etc. It would have been a nightmare without her! Thanks, Mom, you are the best!!

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