Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Boy

I love blogging about the new tricks Cameron has up his sleeve which do seem to change on a weekly basis. I never want to forget the things that he's into at each stage of life. Lately Cameron's obsession has been band-aids. Yes, band-aids. Mike bought a pack of Toy Story band-aids months & months ago & that's when the obsession slowly began. Now that we have Cars band-aids, forget about it! Any little ding he might get warrants a band-aid in his mind. Funny enough, as I was typing this, I overheard him asking Mike for one & when Mike said, but you don't even have a boo-boo there. No, Cam, that's not a boo-boo, that's just peanut butter. See what I mean?!

The other semi-new thing Cam is able to do is take on the big, inflatable slide at church! He's been going down that slide for over a year & he was just never confident to take on the stairs to the slide without our help, but as of a few months ago, he is! It makes our lives easier since we can now just kick back, sip our coffee & watch him slide. We make sure to arrive to church at least fifteen minutes early so he has plenty of time to play before it's time for him to head to the Children's Ministry.

He's also the little ring-leader of the pets of the house. When the dogs are barking he'll shout, Quiet! If he's doing something while they're barking, he includes that... Quiet, I'm going potty! Quiet I'm going to bed! He also gives them their treats, makes sure Casper the cat stays in the house when we take the dogs out & keeps Dempsey from wandering into the neighbor's yard. We're so lucky to have such a big helper!!

Cameron also loves bringing me my slippers. Whenever he sees them laying around or in my closet, he brings them over to me & literally helps me put my feet in them. Am I spoiled or what? We are so blessed to have such a considerate & loving child!

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