Saturday, June 25, 2011

Big Day!!

When we first heard that Cars 2 was coming out, we knew it would be Cam's first movie in a theater since he's utterly obsessed with Cars & Lightning McQueen in general. Fast forward one year & today was finally the day! Never have we been more excited to go see a movie before!

My little guy is growing up so quickly! We were very confident that he would behave in the theater & we were absolutely right. He did a fantastic job & we even got there a half hour early. He kept himself occupied by munching on popcorn & taking in all of the sights before the movie actually started. The booster seats that are available for little ones came in very handy & helped Cam have the perfect view. Even though we were at an early movie (10:15 am), it was jam-packed with little ones. Luckily we snagged great aisle seats since we were early. It was too adorable to see all the boys wearing their Lightning shirts!

It's so exciting experiencing all of Cam's firsts. This was one of many & we enjoyed the heck out of it! It's an amazing feeling watching his face light up as he sees things for the first time. It's truly a joy watching him grow, learn & be able to do more & more fun activities with us!

Head over to Cam's blog & you'll see many more pictures from his first movie!

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  1. What a joy that must have been for you and Mike! I look forward to Tay's first movie theater experience!

  2. I'm glad you all had a good time! Cam is so cute in all of this Cars gear!