Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Pernecky Family Christmas Tree

Friday we happily headed out to Ergle Christmas Tree Farm to pick out our tree. It was the second time Mike, Mel & the girls joined us & I was thrilled they could come again this year!

As usual, the cousins had an awesome time together!

Maddy found her perfect tree! Unfortunately Mike & Mel didn't agree!

This is the second year we've gone with a Douglas Fir tree vs. a Florida grown tree since Florida's soil just doesn't grow the prettiest of trees! It would be more fun if we were able to cut down our own tree, but I much prefer the ones that are shipped here.

It was another successful trip as we left with the perfect tree! I love that we've made a tradition of going to this place each year! Happy Christmas time!

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  1. Fun! We've got to do that next year with LilTay and start a family tradition.

  2. We went there a few years ago... It's a neat little place! I do agree that the ones that are shipped in are much better than the Florida ones. I have thought about taking kids there one day to cut down their own little tree for their room, and still getting the nice one for the living room. What do you think?

  3. That's actually a really great idea! I'll definitely consider doing that once Cam is a little older!

  4. What a fun couple days we had with your guys over Thanksgiving. Ahhh the memories. I love Mikayla's face in the 2nd picture. I can't believe how hot it was that day compared to how cold it is now! What a difference!