Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shopping Date

This little guy was my date for the night! And you know what they say... When the cat's away, the mouse will shop! In this case Mike happened to be the cat & I happened to be the mouse. But no, I wasn't shopping for myself, I was finally getting around to picking up some clothes with Cam's birthday money from his grandma & grandpa.

Since Mike's living it up in Miami for the Bears game & I'm busting my hump around here.. I mean, while Mike's having a splendid time in Miami as I happily tend to the house & work, I thought an evening outing with my little man would be a good idea.

Not to mention that I've been wanting to go to The Children's Place & just so happened to get a 30% off coupon from Lauren which ended today. It was definitely worth the trip since I ended up saving over $30.

So after work & school we headed to the mall, did some shopping, had some dinner at Chick-fil-A & then Cam ended the outing with a romp in the play area. I utterly adore Citrus Park Mall since it makes both of us happy.

And despite the disgruntled look on Cam's face in the picture above, he was an absolute angel & we had a great date night together.

See, told ya! Oh & look at the cool tattoo on his right arm... he got that after charming a girl while we shopped.

Oh & if you're wondering about the hat, we found it at The Children's Place & I wanted to buy it so I tried it on Cam's melon head to make sure it fit & he ended up loving it so much he did not want to take it off. When I handed it to the cashier for the split second it took her to scan it, I thought he was going to die of a broken heart. That's my dramatic boy for you.

But it's been a heck of a whirl-wind, insanely busy week so I'm very relieved that tomorrow is Friday & Mike will be home in the evening. I've had an annoyingly terrible tickle cough which rears its ugly head many times during the day, driving me out of patient's rooms & embarrassing the hell out of me. Luckily it didn't happen when I gave my heart healthy nutrition presentation to our division office yesterday. Now that would've sucked.

Anyway, this is what we ended up getting today; a Polo, two pairs of jeans, two t-shirts, a long-sleeved shirt, a long-sleeved button-down shirt, two winter sleepers, a really cool, thick hooded sweatshirt & the famous green hat you saw in every picture. The total with the 30% off was $75 which I think is an amazing deal. The jeans were only $10 a pair & they're super cool! We do not over-buy when it comes to Cam's clothes, but he was definitely in the need for some updated Fall clothes.

So, as they say at the end of each Little Einstein's, mission complete!

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  1. That IS an amazing deal! Glad you two had a fun time shopping and playing!

  2. Awesome Blog Allison! I love the Children's Place, I don't go there very often because I loathe our mall. It really sucks. Anyway, I'm glad Cam was a good boy on your date and his new clothes are super cute! I love the sleepers & of course the hat!!

  3. Did you get a new camera, your pictures look different? On Cam's blog too! I'm glad you enjoyed the Children's Place, or Children's Palace as I call it sometimes. It's great to get out and spend some quality time with the little man.


  4. He is just so cute!! Love the hat:) I bet you guys had a blast! Can't wait to be with him on Thanksgiving!!!
    Auntie Lauren