Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Play Date

Saturday we headed over to our friend's Jill & Josh's house to have a play date with their daughter Avery. Matt & Kelly were there with Leah as well & the guys hung out & watched college football as the kids were able to play & the gals chatted. It was a lot of fun & Jill even had a little photoshoot of the kids in their Halloween costumes.

Cam & I had a good time cruising around the patio on these bad boys! I think I may have had more fun than Cam as I caught sight of him shooting me a look that said, Get a hold of yourself, Mom! But maybe it was just my imagination? Probably not.

But I decided to play nice & let Leah borrow my cruiser!

This picture above just screams CAMERON! If you ever wanted to see a personality in a picture, this would be the one for Cam. What a goofball! We've been trying to work on reducing Cam's whining & encouraging him to "use his words" rather than resort to the fingers on the chalkboard whining we're currently dealing with.

He is such a sweet kid though & has a precious heart. Tonight I had him on his little potty before bath time & as he sat there, he looked at me with the sweetest expression & said, Maaamaa! in a voice that was full of love. Then he leaned forward & gave me the tightest hug & my heart literally melted. Well, not literally. I'd be dead if that happened.

It makes me feel warm & fuzzy when I see parts of his personality that resemble mine. The fact that he is extremely opinionated, very impatient & very passionate with his feelings be it good & bad. How can I get frustrated with him when it's my fault that he's the way he is?!

And here's sweet, little Avery! We had a great time at our play date & feel lucky that we have friends with kids around Cam's age.

Oh & just a side note, if you noticed that Cam's outfit is a little strange, it's because he had a football jersey on earlier in the day. Once the jersey came off, he looked like he was a student at Juilliard!

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  1. I laughed out loud at the Julliard comment!!!!!!!!!!! And of course had to look at the photos more closely! Maybe he has a future as a dancer!

  2. lol @ "I'd be dead if that happened". And don't lead your reader to believe he was a "football player", you know darn right well he was a male ballerina! =) We had had a great time that day, too!


  3. I was just going to comment on the pants:) glad you cleared that one up!