Thursday, November 4, 2010

Potty Time!

While at daycare, Cam is put on the potty every hour or so & actually pee-pees on the potty about once per day. Yeah, I just said pee-pees! That's what happens when you have potty-training on the brain! Anyway, we put Cam on the potty every night before bath but he's yet to actually go. Each evening as I hang out with him by his potty, I kind of, sort of hold my breath in anticipation of seeing him pee in that darn potty!

But thus far he just plays with his cars, talks to us, pushes on his PP every now & then & occasionally smirks & giggles as he sits there. But, no pee-pee! But, we're not stressing about potty training at all since he's only 25 months old & we don't want it to be a negative thing for Cam. We'll just keep working at it & know that he'll get it one of these days.

In the meantime, I'll use it as a time to sit & hang with my favorite two-year old in the whole world!

Have you ever seen a cuter butt than this?

If anyone has any potty training tips, I'd love to hear them!

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  1. poor kid will be so embarrassed when he sees these pics someday!!! good luck! adelaide has only peed 3 times on the potty. i'm not holding my breath but was going to start buying some cloth pullups soon, i just found some this week! but her diapers are very dry in the mornings, are his?

  2. I like how you guys were able to strategically position Cam so no "parts" are showing. ;) Too cute! And, good luck!

  3. So cute! I think you're doing the right thing by slowly introducing the potty to Cam early on. He'll have a good attitude about the potty and want to use it.

  4. Thanks, gals! And Lesli, Cam's diapers are SOAKED in the morning. He's been wearing nighttime diapers since he's been about a year old b/c he was constantly soaking through at night. That kid slams water like it's going on of style when he's home from daycare, so that bladder of his is FULL at bedtime!

  5. Cam actually has the 2nd cutest butt I've ever seen, thank you very much. ;) And that's what we do too, just put Leah on the potty and hang out. Whenever she wants off, we let her off, which is usually after 1 min. We don't want the potty to be a negative thing either.