Monday, November 15, 2010

Nutella Time!

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness is this child of mine a character! Tonight I gave Cam a peanut butter & Nutella sandwich which he loved. He had a long day at school so I let him watch Little Einsteins as he ate. So I did some stuff in the kitchen as he chowed down & this is the scene I saw as I popped over to check on him!

Um yeah, it was just a little messy!

A mess is totally expected when there's a toddler involved so I don't sweat small stuff like this, I just laugh! And that's exactly why we don't spend a lot of money on Cam's clothes; I want him to have fun playing, painting, whatever & not worry about staining his clothes.

He enjoyed trying to lick his fingers clean! I put Nutella & peanut butter on whole wheat flat bread & called it a dinner since that's usually the meal Cam eats the least amount. I'm trying my best to give him a well-balanced diet, but it is not at all easy since Cam is such a stubborn little bugger.

Tonight was what we call an FFO or fend for ourselves night where we ate leftovers or randoms for dinner so that's why I made Cam this sandwich. Most every night we all eat the same thing though since I'm not going to fall into the short order cook roll. By no means do I want Cam's diet to consist only of kid foods... aka chicken tenders, macaroni & cheese, & hot dogs so I'm trying my darndest to expose him to as many foods as possible. But it is extremely easy to throw your hands up in frustration when your toddler adamantly refuses to eat. Especially after a long, stressful day when I'm utterly exhausted & have the whatever attitude going!

You would think with me being a dietitian & a control freak that I'd be insanely rigid with Cam's diet but all in all, I'm really not. I focus on balance & try to get him to eat enough fruits, vegetables & fiber. Calcium is certainly not a concern since he loves his milk & hydration is the last thing we're worried about since he slams his sippy cups in mere minutes. When it comes to having a toddler, it's important to relax a little & just roll with the punches since you never know what you're going to get. Cam is anything but predictable!

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  1. That is exactly what Brian looks like after a peanut butter sandwich too! ;) We have never tried Nutella, though I hear it is awesome... and after seeing these photos, I know I need to try it now!

  2. Oh Cheryl, you will LOVE Nutella! It's AWESOME!

  3. That a girl! That's the attitude I like to see! =)