Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Oh how I love Christmas and all that goes with it! My favorite part? Coming home to a glowy, cozy home at the end of the day!

Since we've been married, we always put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving.

Listen to Christmas music, sip wine & end the night by watching Christmas Vacation. Heaven!

And I present to you, drum roll, the 2010 Pernecky Christmas tree!

This year I decided to fill my hurricane glass with ornaments as well as lights & I absolutely love this look. If you happen to be interested, and I'm so sure you are, you can click here to see my decorations from last year.

Like last year, I filled our trifle bowl with ornaments & pine cones as a centerpiece on our kitchen table.

And hung ornaments from the light fixture with clear fishing line.

And the cold weather we've been loving is putting us in the Christmas spirit! No matter how many years I live in Florida, it'll never feel quite like Christmas when it's 80 degrees outside. So we're savoring the chill in the air; it was a high of 53 today & a low of 35 tonight. Ahhh! As you can see, our teeny three & a half pound Chihuahua is just a tad spoiled & enjoys sleeping on a cozy heating pad! She is a princess after all!

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  1. A heating pad??? Seriously? That is funny!

    And what else is funny is us using the same exact title for our blog posts that were posted on the same night! Weird!

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  3. I'd have to say coming home to a "glowing home" is one of my favorite parts of Christmas too.


  4. Love your tree Allison! I love the lights in your hurricane glass too! Very cool!