Monday, December 20, 2010

House of Horrors/Hellish Evening

Excluding maybe one Sunday of the NFL football season, we've had a get together at our house with a small group of fellow football fan friends. We make a different meal each week whether it be chili, meatballs, sloppy joes, Italian beef or crock pot chicken tacos as we did yesterday. It's a nice way to spend the day catching up with friends & helping to avoid the dreaded Sunday blues of facing another hectic work week.

So you might be confused with the negativity of the title of my post, but it'll make sense in a second. Well, Cameron has been quite the handful lately; extremely difficult to discipline, won't listen, skips naps & jumps around his crib for an hour & a half instead of sleeping. The absolute worst part is the disrespect he's been showing. He runs around like a deranged animal, spills toys all over, smacks at not only us but the pets & laughs hysterically while doing so. I cannot tell you how maddening, frustrating & confusing it's been for us. The sad part is, he's a good kid with a big heart so we have no idea why he's acting out like this. And after being a terror, he'll turn around & do something so sweet & loving you can't understand how it could be the same child.

We're going to crack down & attack this situation head-on since the last thing we're going to allow is our two-year old to destroy our house & bully us. Anyway, after skipping his nap yesterday, he was acting goofy yet again & knocked my entire plate of food out of my hands & onto the carpet. Whoosh, went my tacos complete with sour cream, taco sauce & cheese. Cameron's response to the wreck was laughter & I was this close to losing it. I seriously thought my head was going to spin around Excorcist-style. But instead I semi-calmly picked him up, put him in his room & shut the door. I still don't think he felt very much remorse for what he did, but I really wasn't sure how else to handle the situation.

Shortly after scrubbing the rug with our mini steam cleaner as tears of frustration & humiliation streamed down my face while my guests filled the room, the fun just kept on coming... After corralling our Pug in our bedroom while everyone ate, I saw Leah coming out of our room holding something. Next thing I realize, she's proudly handing her mom a big log of CRAP! Oh yes, you read that correctly, Demps took a huge dump in our room to spite us & Leah felt she should handle the situation by giving her mom the whole load! OMG, I wasn't sure if I should burst into tears or laugh hysterically. Mike immediately took the mess from Kelly as she ushered Leah to the bathroom to scour her hands. Thank goodness when I went to apologize to Kelly she laughed her head off which made me join in & choose laughter over tears.

Sometimes you just have to laugh about the chaos of a situation since it's more fun than crying! Anyway, the majority of the day was fun & here are the pictures to prove it!

Lauren & Kelly sharing a Snuggy!

Love my sweet lil' Leah Marie!

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  1. That day looked worse through your eyes then it did for everyone else. Cam's certainly been going through a rough patch lately, but I saw major improvement last Sunday. He's already coming out of it. Don't worry Ally, you'll have your sweet little boy back to normal in no time. As for the huge handful of poo Leah was worries. I thought it was hilarious, and so did Leah, it was just one of those things. I love hanging out at your house with you and your family! It's usually the highlight of my weekend!