Thursday, May 30, 2013

What's in my purse?

Lauren had the cute idea to link up & do a post on what's in my purse?  Lets face it, us girls would be lost without our purses!  I used to carry a suitcase sized purse when Cam was out of diapers but as soon as Reese came along & we bounced back to a diaper bag, I went back to a smaller purse.  When she was really little & we traveled with everything but the kitchen sink, I threw a wristlet into the diaper bag since I couldn't face the idea of dealing with another bag to haul on top of the breast pump & cooler bag.

One: My mother-in-law got me this colorful Coach purse for Christmas this year & it's the perfect size for me.  Two:  It also has a lot of handy compartments that help me stay organized which I love.  Three: I never leave home without my wallet or my cute envelopes that keep me on Dave Ramsey's cash system that I blogged about in this post.  Four:  When you live in the Sunshine State, you cannot go outside without sporting some dark shades!

Five: I've had so many visits to the dentist after work recently & apparently I've forgotten to take my toothbrush & toothpaste out.  Six: Hand cream.  When I was a teenager, I read that your hands age the fastest, so on top of wearing sunscreen, I always make sure to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  Seven: Lip balm/color/gloss.  I always feel like the fastest way to look more polished is by swiping some color on your lips.  Eight:  Sadly, I am an ibuprofen junkie so I have three spots for my pills!  Yikes... call the rehab center & have me committed!  My back is constantly sore & I have sinus issues so I never leave home without it.  Lauren bought me the cute pill box pictured in the bottom right for my birthday!

Nine:  If I don't clock in, I don't get paid!  And no, I don't really have sunglasses & a mustache on in my picture!  Ten:  Fresh breath is an absolute must for me!  Eleven:  My skin is super oily so I'm always armed with both my oil absorbing sheets (which are quite possibly up there in the top ten best things invented) & my pressed powder.  Twelve:  And finally, who could survive without a cell phone these days?  I use the htc Sensation..  It seems I'm one of the few who doesn't have an iPhone since Mike is not at all a fan of Apple products.  He's the techie in our family & frankly, as long as it works, it's user friendly & fast, I'm fine with whatever.  So, there's a peek into my purse & all the must-haves I use on a daily basis.  Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. You're quick! Glad you joined in on the fun! :) I always forget to get those oil absorber sheets - love them!

  2. Where are the crumbs...old receipts...garbage??? Is that just my purse?? I think I have a problem because I've lost my license twice in the past few months. Need to get more organized like this. You and those oil-absorbing sheets!!!! That's totally Allison! P.S. What is Mike's beef with Apple products!?!

  3. Lesli, I tried to take a picture of the gum bits at the bottom of my purse but it just wouldn't focus & I was in a hurry! Trust me, they're there!

    When you're a grease-ball like me, you gotta have the oil absorbing sheets! As far as Mike's beef with Apple products, he feels they "lock you in & they're proprietary to a fault.." Oh & he also feels that the iPhone screen is too small!

  4. Apple makes great products, I just don't like how once you're into the Apple family you're kind of stuck. "Well, I have an iPhone so now I use iTunes, so I may as well get an Apple TV and a Macbook. Oh look I need a new charger, gotta go spend $20 on a proprietary charger." I think the iPhone 4 was the last iPhone that was better than the competition, and now Apple is playing catch up to the Android platform. RIP Steve Jobs.