Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Recent happenings

I'm sooooo glad to be off for my usual Wednesday!  If I were playing by the rules, I'd be sitting at my desk right now, screening my floors.  Instead I'm at our breakfast bar on this gloriously gloomy day (which rarely ever happens in the Sunshine State), with a breakfast smoothie & a mug
 of coffee!  Unfortunately, I'm tied down to the house all morning since a repair man is coming to look at our malfunctioning freezer.  When he says 9am-noon, I assume he'll show up at 11:58.  Our refrigerator is only 7 months old & the freezer is suddenly a block of ice with snowy residue over the entire top shelf.  What a pain!

 Saturday was Reese's BFFs 2nd birthday party & today is Taylor's actual birthday!  Happy birthday, Tay Tay, we love you so much!

Reese & Tay giving loves during a recent play date!

Taylor had an Abby Cadabby party so I volunteered to bring "Abby Snacks" from this recipe.  I couldn't find strawberry pudding mix so I used vanilla & instead of pink & white, I did pink & purple.  If you decide to make this, I highly recommend you melting the chocolate over a double boiler vs. in the microwave.  I must have overcooked my chocolate because it was way too stiff & not very pourable.  Mike was trying to ask me questions about the recipe as I was flustered & trying to mix the stiff chocolate with the rice Chex without crushing all the cereal as I shouted, "Not now!  I can't think!!"  But it turned out just fine & it was really tasty!

Reese was able to rock out her new bikini that my parents got her for Easter!  It's more of a tankini, but it kept riding up her sweet little belly!

And Cam was able to go down the slide for the first time; he's been waiting for this moment for years!  Lauren's neighborhood has an amazing, resort-style pool that we absolutely love using.

 Besides celebrating Taylor's birthday, it's been business as usual around here!  Lately I cannot get Reese into her stroller without throwing an absolute fit as she writhes around screaming & arching her back, making it impossible to hook her in.  Saturday I bribed her with a sucker since I arrived solo to Tay's birthday party (Mike & Cam were meeting us after soccer) and had a lot to carry.  It worked like a charm!  Lets hope she doesn't need a sucker every time I need to put her in the stroller or I'll be keeping the local dentist in business!  Both of my kids have had a hate of the stroller from this age until around 2 1/2.  When you have a small child, there are constant phases they're going through!

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