Thursday, May 16, 2013

My sickling

We were all doing well as the week progressed until Reese came home from daycare yesterday, seeming a bit off.  As she ate a banana in her highchair & I finished up dinner in the kitchen as well as the sentence, "I really think she's getting sick.." she ralphed ALL OVER.  Lets just say both dogs even got bathed after that episode!  After we mopped, comforted & disinfected, Reese was pale but perky.  She slept through the night with no issues but woke up with a 101 fever so Mike took the day off to nurse her back to health & I'll be with her tomorrow.  No more pukes since dinner yesterday, thank goodness for that!

Mike was great about texting me pictures of my little sickie during the day as I worked.  I had a laugh at the pitiful look on her face as I headed up to ICU rounds today.  Poor gal did not appreciate being dragged out of the house to drop Cam at school or to have her picture taken.

But after a nice long nap, she perked up & showed Mike her "stinkies."  Love to see my happy girl!  I put her to bed last night with her little Minnie doll & when I was getting into bed & noticed her still clutching it, tears sprang to my eyes.  Like any mom, it breaks my heart when my kids are sick.  They're so helpless & sad.

Before yesterday, we've had a great week with lots of fun playing & goofing around before bedtime.  Yes, there are PLENTY of nights where the fussing & crying have me counting down the minutes till bedtime, but there are many more nights that I just want to keep them up because they're being so darn cute & we're having so much fun.

I managed to slip away Tuesday evening for my weekly girls night in of having snacks, wine & just lounging on Lauren's couch watching mindless reality TV with her & Cheryl.  Perfect way to de-stress & break up the week!

And the past few nights we've enjoyed the eggplant Parmesan I whipped up for dinner.  This is a warm, comfort meal, but with "summer" coming, we'll be doing more grilling & lighter meals which I love.  Nothing like Mike working on the grill as I man the side dishes!  

As I worked on dinner, Cam worked on his masterpiece & finally painted the car he got for Christmas.  Since his attention span can be short for crafts, I was super impressed by his diligence!

I'm hoping that after two days home with Mommy & Daddy, Reese will be as good as new in time for the weekend!

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  1. Poor Reese! :( I loved the pictures though... those are some cute kids!