Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Recent happenings

May is a VERY busy month around our house!  We have many celebrations going on in addition to Mother's Day.  Yesterday was my niece & God daughter's 10th birthday!

Maddy is such a sweet little girl who marches to the beat of her own drummer which I love her for!  We'll be celebrating Maddy this weekend as we head to Sarasota for Mother's Day.  It's also my mom's birthday & anniversary the next few days after & then it's my birthday & anniversary & finally my in-law's anniversary.  Told you it was busy!

Last week I mentioned that I was tied to the house waiting on a freezer repair man who was scheduled between 9am-noon.  I joked that he'd show at 11:59am but I was wrong!  He just never showed at all!!  Apparently the joker went to our old house & didn't even bother to call & wonder why we weren't there.  Gotta love the excellent service!  So, he's apparently coming today between noon and three.... we'll see.  Since I'm home today, I'll be making yummy Almost Famous Broccoli Cheddar Soup for dinner & getting lots ticked off my to-do list.  Since Wednesday is my only day home during the week, I find myself running like a frantic chicken with it's head cut off.  I have to tell myself to calm down & just focus on finishing one thing at a time since I'll often try to multitask which just ends up slowing me down.  My head is not a pretty place most times!  I just love getting as much done as possible so our weekends can be relaxing & enjoyable with the kids.  I typically send Reese to daycare on Wednesdays since it's really hard to get things done while she's here & we pay for the week anyway.  I do feel guilty about it a lot though.

Last week her teacher called as I was coming into the house with arm fulls of groceries with a lot left to do in the few hours before Mike came home with Reese.  She said that Reese kept tugging at the front of her diaper & crying.  There were no signs of rash & she was totally fine when she left me in the morning, but  I called the pediatrician since I was worried she had a UTI or something.  As I got to daycare I expected Reese to be distressed & crying from pain, but she was happy as could be!!

I completely believe that she was acting off during the day since I do trust her teacher, but she had done a 180 by the time I got her.  We headed across the way to the pediatrician, waited over an hour, got seen for a few minutes & it turns out she may have just scratched her nether regions.  It also turns out that a UTI is not just a quick antibiotic prescription, but requires a definite diagnosis by either taping a bag around the girly parts to catch urine or by catheterizing the bladder.  No thanks!!  A trip to Target in the POURING rain for basic A&D ointment & we were on our way home!! I was thankful Reese was feeling so much better & it was nothing serious!

And lastly, I finally, finally got my hair cut & colored!  My hair has gotten really, really dark recently thanks to my attempts at doing box kits at home.  Since it's been colored in the past, it pulls colors differently & the bottom has been nearly black.  With summer coming, I wanted to add some blond streaks so I was so happy my co-worker was able to do it!  She's in cosmetology school so not only did she come to my house to do it, but her prices were really great too!
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  1. You're a busy busy bee! Love the new do! I'll miss you guys this weekend - Happy (almost) Mother's Day!