Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Recent happenings

I haven't blogged lately since I've had a lot going on but not all that much to say about any of it.  This is such a busy time of year!

As of Monday, this little lady is officially out of the Infant Room & into the Beginner Room at school.  What a change that has been!  She's gone from squinty-eyed infants to scrambling toddlers.  Since Reese is still not walking, I think she's been a little intimidated & overwhelmed.  Dropping her off hasn't been easy since she cries & grips onto me the moment we walk through the door.  Poor thing.  It's enough to break a mama's heart on a daily basis.

She's also been battling a cold, a diaper rash that suddenly popped up & possibly teething too, so life's been rough for Reese this week.  Sleep has been restless too because of her cough.  The other night I was finally settling down to relax before bed at 10pm with a magazine & The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when I heard her music mobile go on.  I scrambled out of bed to look at her video monitor but saw she was fast asleep. That's when I saw her blanket being pulled around her bed.  For a split second I seriously thought it was a clip out of one of those Paranormal movies until I realized that my stinkin little Cam was the culprit!

I rushed over to her room where her normally closed door was wide open & Cam was standing next to her bed.  What he was thinking or doing, I have no idea?!  Needless to say, we had a little chat & he'll be leaving his sleeping sister be.  For now.

We've been gearing up for Christmas & I'm working on my annual photo calendars for the grandmas.  They are such fantastic gifts, but man are they time consuming!  I'm also hoping on getting Christmas cards mailed by Monday.

We finally bit the bullet & joined a gym near our new house since they were running an awesome sale & I haven't worked out since I was 20 some weeks pregnant.  I cannot stand feeling out of shape!  Not only that, but I'm trying not to pack on the pounds now that I've stopped breastfeeding & no longer have 500 extra calories to my disposal.  I actually fell into the nutrition profession since I battled with anorexia as a teenager, so weight is always an issue for me.  As an adult, my focus is definitely on being healthy & being a good role model for my kids.  Unfortunately, I'll probably always struggle with body image issues.  It sucks.

I'd say working out again feels good but that would be the ultimate lie.  I had a free personal training session on Monday & the man was Satan himself.  Red hair and all.  I am not exaggerating when I say I can barely walk right now.  I look like a ninety year-old woman hobbling around the house.  If I had extra cash laying around, I'd totally spring for a personal trainer on a consistent basis, but apparently $80 an hour is considered a good deal.

So, I guess working out by myself will just have to be good enough!  My plan is to make it to the gym before work which will be interesting.  Getting up at 5am is not exactly appealing, but I know I'm only going to make excuses as the day goes on if I plan to work out at night.

The kids had picture day a few weeks ago so we bought a couple of prints today.  They turned out so cute!  Reese had just gotten an adorable outfit for her birthday present, so she looks a lot fancier than Cam.  I'm just SO cheap when it comes to buying kid's clothes.  I just can't see spending money on something they wear for such a short time.  

Well, I've rambled enough for one night, but I hope you're all having a fabulous week!

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