Tuesday, December 11, 2012

He's a really fine Fella!

So many parents of little ones that I know have adopted an Elf on the Shelf.  Our elf arrived last Christmas right after Thanksgiving & Cam promptly named him Fella.  I adore Fella & I think it's a great tradition that Cam loves.

Fella went back to the North Pole the night of Christmas Eve last year, but he came back to our house the Sunday after Thanksgiving this year.  Cam was upstairs playing video games when I shouted, "Cam, Fella is back!"  He nearly fell down the stairs since he was in such a hurry to see him!  Reese met Fella last year but since she was only a month old, she didn't have a clue!  This year she gets excited to see him too, but Cam always needs to remind her not to touch him so he doesn't lose his special powers.  Of course if he loses his special powers, he won't be able to fly back to the North Pole each night to report back to Santa.  However, a co-worker told me today that her child caught her husband moving their elf one night & the child absolutely flipped out.  They dodged that bullet by giving the elf cinnamon.  Apparently if the elf eats cinnamon his powers are restored.  Who knew?!  And I guess this isn't a new concept either since that same co-worker's husband had one as a child 30+ years ago.  She said the elf's face is "creepier" but otherwise looks very similar to the one today.

Anyway, each night we have a reminder sent to our cell phones so we don't forget to move Fella after the kids go to bed.  Coming up with a new location each night is fun.  I like to keep him in the family room or kitchen so he's within their site.   Do any of you have an Elf on the Shelf?  If so, what's your elf's name?

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  1. I wish, but they are so darn expensive!!
    Have you seen those blog posts about interesting things to do with your Elf? Some of them are very good, but looks really time consuming too!

  2. We got ours on sale from Amazon last year, I don't remember how much it cost, but it was a good deal. I wonder if they put them on sale after Christmas? You could always get one for next year. I haven't seen any of the things to do with Fella, but I should check it out since I know Cam would get a kick out of it!

  3. At first I thought the elves were cute but now I think they're kind of creepy and time consuming! Brian Shilkaitis' wife Gabby has had her elf doing all kinds of crazy stuff. Putting on make up at her vanity, making angels in oatmeal on the counter, cutting paper snowflakes, peeing in Adaira's princess potty. Between you and me, I think she's going a little overboard!