Monday, December 10, 2012

The big girl & the sick boy

After pre-buying our tickets for Busch Garden's Christmas Town event, we decided to head out there Saturday evening.  It runs from 6-11pm so we decided to get there right as it started & stay for a few hours & let the kids stay up late.  As we neared closer to the park, things were NOT looking good.  It took us a little over an hour just to get into the parking lot & actually park.  As we were in the wall to wall traffic, Cam started crying & saying, "I want to go home!"

I was completely with him & wanted to go too, but we were literally trapped between about five rows of barely moving cars.  I was getting seriously claustrophobic & anxious since I loathe crowds.  We were concerned with him too since he was acting pretty strange.  After finally, finally parking, I unhooked him from his seat & he was burning up.  I had Mike feel his head too & we both decided there was no way we could go in.  As quickly as we got out of the car, we were right back in & by the time we got home, out little boy had a 102 degree fever.

Sunday was a very lay low day  since Cam was still sick & we just stayed home which was a nice change.  I got so much done in terms of Christmas & my Shutterfly calenders have been ordered & my Christmas cards have been mailed!  If you're buying something on Shutterfly, do not pay full price.  My original order was $108 & by the time I checked out, my total was down to $56.  My friend was nice enough to give me a coupon code for a free calendar & then I used another code for free shipping & another that I found online for 20% off or something on  If I could save nearly 50% on an order, that proves they're charging way too much!

Our little gal pal is moving more & more towards walking!  She's been standing by herself & she's getting very confident.

Pardon the clothes strewn about but a co-worker just gave me a bag of hand-me-downs that I was going through.  Anyway, Reese especially loves that we clap & cheer for her as she stands there.

This particular night was very, very exciting for Reese since she took her very fist steps!  Two to be exact!  Yay, yay!!

We're so proud of out little Reesey Piecey!  

She's the lone baby in her class that's not walking, so I'm sure she's tired of being left in the dust!

Cam stayed home from school with Mike today & my mom is coming up to be with him tomorrow.  When I got home from work, he was at 102 & just before bed he was down to 100.  Despite his fever, he's acting like he's just fine.  I keep reminding him that he's sick & needs to rest.  My poor little boy just wants to feel better so he can play!

 Every night before bed we have the same routine.  I lay in bed with Cam & Mike tells him two stories.  Cam's bed is elevated loft-style so Mike is not allowed to join us or the bed just might come crashing down.  Seriously, I'm not saying that to be mean.  The thing has a definite weight limit!  Anyway, after stories Mike has to lay on the floor & pretend he's sleeping so that we throw pillows & stuffed animals at him.  After a minute Mike says, "That's it, I can't sleep with all of these things being thrown at me!"  Tonight Cam was particularly talkative & I just loved listening to him talk.  Some of the things he says are so incredibly sweet!  His new thing is saying, "of course."  Tonight he used it to talk about his Mario Wii game while saying, "Mario is nice.  Of course, Bowser is mean."  Love it!  I hope my baby boy starts to feel better VERY soon!

In other news, today is my brother's birthday!  Happy birthday, Mike!  And yesterday was my dad's birthday.  Happy birthday, Dad!!

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