Sunday, December 16, 2012

Let it snow! Florida style...

I may live in Florida now, but I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago where we saw plenty of snow in the winter.  It was free of charge, there were no lines & all you had to do was open your door, take a step & you were in it.

So, I found it pretty ridiculous that we literally stood in line for about an hour & a half to play in the snow for all of ten minutes last night.  I guess when you live in Florida, it's what you have to do to experience some snow!

I found it even more ridiculous since we're going back up North in less than a month where we'll see the real deal.  But none-the-less, the kids had a really great time, especially Cam.

They had a little hill for sledding.

It was the weakest hill I've ever sledded on, but I guess the Floridians were pretty impressed by it.

Cam has experienced snow a couple of times, but this was Reese's first time.

She probably should have had shoes on, but those were ripped off in the stroller by the stinker herself!  She promptly shoved a chubby fist full of snow into her trap before we could stop her.  She didn't mind that it had been trampled on my thousands of dirty feet.

It felt good on her sore, teething gums & gosh darn it, she did not appreciate being pulled away from her snow cone!

This is what a Florida snowman looks like... cute & petite!

Cam & Mike took a trip down the "hill" too!  Mike was sure to point out that I did a pretty terrible job on these photos.  Oops!  Guess the flash didn't shoot for some reason.

Our second try at the Busch Gardens Christmas Town was a much better success. For starters, this time we actually made it into the park.  We ended up having a really great time just walking around the park after our sledding trip.  It was so beautifully lit with Christmas lights & candles glowing all around.  We ate a super gooey Belgium waffle topped with ice cream & chocolate syrup for dinner & the kids were in heaven.

After the kids went to bed we sipped on Bailey's hazelnut martinis, wrapped presents & watched Christmas Vacation.

Now that we're in the home stretch of Christmas, I'm making sure we watch all of the movies that are a must for me at Christmas... The Family Stone, Christmas Vacation, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Home Alone, Christmas Story, It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol & Love Actually.  I positively love Christmas!!

SIDE NOTE:  To clear up any confusion from this post (thank you, Lesli), this was real, frozen, icy snow.  I'm not sure how they kept it frozen in the nearly 80 degree weather, but they did!
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  1. what in the world!?! what is this stuff? is it snow? if so, how do they keep it frozen? and how could reese be barefoot but eating it if it was real snow? i'm so confused here!!!
    and even though you are coming up north, you may not see any snow here either....we are in a snow drought!! no snow for us yet either. maybe we need one of these places to open up by us! :)

  2. This was real, cold, icy snow! I'm not quite sure how they kept it frozen, but they did!

  3. You guys waited over an hour for 10 minutes in the snow? Sheesh! BG must be making a killing on the extra admission for Christmas Town!