Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Recent happenings

This weekend we took an impromptu family getaway to Orlando.  It was our first true getaway as a family of four & we had a really great time.  Lauren invited us to spend the day with her at the Fort Wilderness campgrounds of Disney so we headed up early Saturday morning.  The weather was not at all looking good with Tropical Storm Debbie on its way, but we got very lucky & had only a sprinkling of rain during the day.  After spending the day at the Wilderness Lodge hotel pool, we spent the evening "glamping" as we called it which is fancy camping!  Yep, we ripped that one off of the Real Housewives of OC.  Cam had an absolute ball roasting marshmallows with Chip & Dale.  We had so much fun that we took only one picture using Mike's cellphone.

Saturday night went great in our hotel room & we had a lot of fun just hanging out as a family in our hotel room on the very rainy Sunday morning.  

We had planned on hitting Downtown Disney on our way home but the monsoon was not letting that happen.

It rained the entire day so when we got home we had pajama/slipper day, laid a big comforter on the ground with pillows & watched movies the rest of the day.  It was so much fun!

I'm off today with Cameron so we're going to see Brave at the theater this afternoon.  There's been a lot of flooding in our area & evacuations near where I work because of the storm.  Luckily we've been fine but I'm hoping everyone else gets by with little damage!  It's been a crazy few days over here! 

In other news, Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law Melanie!  And Happy 16th Anniversary to me & Mike!  We met at age sixteen while working at Bruegger's Bagels & after a few months of being just friends, Mike "asked me out" in the doorway of his bedroom on June 27, 1996!  We've been through high school, college, a move from IL to FL & two kids in those sixteen years.  It isn't often that a high school relationship lasts, so I'm very thankful to have lived nearly half of my life with my very best friend in the whole world!  We work so well together because we are best friends.  We may bicker a lot but we always have each others backs!  Love you, Mike!

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  1. I've always wanted to check out Fort Wilderness! It sounds fun and impromptu getaways are the best! Sounds like a fun family adventure, even in the rain. I heard about the evacs in your county. Debby was a real downer. Thanks for the Birthday shout out & Happy 16 too! Xo

  2. I'll always remember Mike's childhood bedroom, what a magical place that was...The doorway will always have a special place in my heart since it was where you two came together. Well, not literally of course. Forget it, maybe I should just celebrate with bagels instead...since bagels brought you together...Oh wait, I'm on a low carb diet. Crap! Looks like fun! Well except for the darn rain. When are you moving???

  3. Fort Wilderness was really, really cool! I'd love to stay there but it's so darn expensive! The lobby was awesome though... huge like a Colorado ski lodge. Although I never have been to Colorado ski lodge or even Colorado itself, so that statement has no credibility!

    Lesli, you can come off your low carb diet for one day & have a bagel in honor of the Perneckys! That bedroom doorway is also the spot Mike proposed. Ahh! So romantic! Ha.. I had damp hair, was getting ready for my cousin's wedding & his parents were downstairs. Kind of how our friends were downstairs listening to us on the intercom as he asked me out!

  4. Wow, I think you should have renewed your vows for your 10 yr anniversary and given him the chance to redeem himself for those choices he made so long ago!!!

  5. Im so glad you guys joined me 'glamping'! It was a blast!

    Also - happy happy 16th dating anniversary to you and mike. thank god for mike asking you out and thank god for you putting up with him all these years because you guys are the bomb-biggiy!