Sunday, July 1, 2012

Flying high

My dad is probably the hardest person on this planet to buy for.  No joke.  He loves photography, the Chicago Blackhawks & the White Sox, but his cameras are very fancy & far too expensive & there are only so many sports t-shirts one can own.  So, this past Christmas we decided to go in on a skydiving gift certificate since my dad has been talking more & more about wanting to skydive lately.

After a couple of postponed jumps due to uncooperative weather, the jump was finally set for today!

We all met in Lakeland to cheer my dad along & watch him take the plunge.  I've never been skydiving so I was nervous for him to go.

Luckily he had a great time & landed safe & sound.

Despite feeling a little queasy at landing, my dad had a blast & would definitely do it again! I have a feeling Cam wouldn't mind joining my dad next time!  Check out his blog to see why..

It was also a good excuse to get the family together & after the jump, we hit a local pizza place & had a yummy lunch.  

Nice sunglasses, Cam!
It was a jam packed day & I'm sad it's already Sunday night. The weekends go by way too fast!

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