Saturday, July 7, 2012

Recent happenings

Today I'll be updating on recent going-ons by using pictures from Instagram.  

Of course I've eaten Fig Newtons before as well as used fig jam & even had dried figs, but never have I tried fresh figs before two weeks ago.  One of my co-workers has a neighbor with a fig tree so she brought some in to share & they were delightful!  I read that fig season is in August so I will definitely be picking some up!

On my day off last week I made some barley cereal for Reese along with peaches & mangoes.

The main reason I make my own baby food is to save money.  I made twenty portions of peaches & mangoes for a few dollars since I just bought frozen, cubed fruit.  I boiled it for a few minutes to soften it up, popped it in the food processor & in minutes I was done!  Baby food is nearly a dollar a jar, so I love knowing I'm saving some cash.  I'm not at all someone who buys things with coupons or hunts for sales so I'm happy to do my part in some way.  Obviously nothing tops the nutrition of breast milk, but I'm surprised more moms don't breastfeed longer for the simple fact that it costs about $1400 for a year of infant formula. 

Cameron decided on his Toy Story themed third birthday last year by looking through the cake book in the Publix bakery.  His birthday is about two & a half months from now, but he's already on the hunt for a new theme & I think he's found it!  His new obsession is "Red Birds" aka Angry Birds.

After our jaunt to the grocery store, Cam cuddled on the couch with Dempsey.  So sweet!

Speaking of sweet, Reese enjoyed her first experience on the swings last weekend!  She loved it!

She also experienced her first trip down the slide.  I'm sure there will be many, many, many more to come!

So that's what's been going on over here!  Today we'll be heading to Lauren's parent's "Farm" for an evening of food, friends & relaxing.  Can't wait!

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