Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A good guy

This kid pictured above is truly a good guy. I've been spending a lot of one on one time with my little Cam with having Wednesdays off.  It's our weekly date & most times are spent hitting the movies.  I seriously look forward to our day together.  I know I'm his mom & all, but when I say Cam is a good guy, I mean it!  I'm so proud of the person he's becoming & amazed at how caring & forthcoming he is with his love & affection.  I think Cameron is going to end up being a lot like his daddy; someone who relates well with women.  He's going to be a great husband some day.  It doesn't hurt that Cam is swarmed with females with Reese, Samantha, Taylor, Leah, Avery..  He's bound to get used to all of that estrogen!  

Sometimes we'll just be sitting quietly doing our own thing when out of the blue, he looks over at me & says, Mommy, I love you.  Or when I'm helping him get dressed & he gives me a huge hug & kiss just because.  I'm a very emotional person & love to show lots of affection with my kids & getting it back from him warms my heart beyond belief.  Watching him interact with the pets is adorable in itself.  This morning as we were getting ready to head out the door, he gave Demps a big hug & said, Bye, girl!  You be a good girl & take a nap.  We'll see you soon, Dempsey Girl!  And last week Reese was crying as I was getting her in her jammies when he rushed over to rub her head & tell her, It's okay, Reesey, you're safe, we're here..  And it isn't only what he says, it's how he says it in this sing-songy, sweet voice.

Don't get me wrong, Cam has many moments that make me want to beat my head on a wall, but the core of him is a precious, sweet, caring soul.  I'm one proud Mama!

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