Thursday, June 14, 2012

7 months!

Reese, you are officially 7 months old today!

So, what is my seven month old lovey up to?

Well, you are still sleeping like such a champ, thank goodness!  You drink your last bottle at 7pm & go to sleep shortly after & you continue to fall asleep basically the second we lay you down.  Daycare sure poops you out!  You still sleep 11-12 hours per night.

You're also eating like a champ too!  We just switched you to a new schedule as of Sunday & instead of 5 bottles per day, you're taking 4, 7oz bottles of breast milk.  This schedule makes a lot more sense for you.  You're eating solid food twice per day.

We even tried puffies for the first time on Monday!  You weren't sure what to think of them, but if you're anything like your brother, you'll love them.

You hold your bottle well, but we still really can't leave you to feed yourself just yet.  

Sometimes you can get a little lazy & then one of us have to assist our little princess!

You've had an underlying virus for nearly four months with a cough & congestion, but the doctor says it's just your body building immunity from all the germs that run rampant at daycare.  Sometimes Mommy thinks that daycare bites!  

A couple of weeks ago your virus came to a head & you spiked a nearly 103 degree fever.  You were not a happy camper & neither were we.  It makes us so sad to see you sick.  But after one rough day, you were back to your happy self!

All in all you don't have separation anxiety yet.  Although you do get very upset when we're talking to you & then abruptly walk away to do something.  You definitely make your dissatisfaction known, that's for sure!

You're more & more confident about sitting up but still a tad unsteady.  It's amazing how quickly you master new tricks though!  

You're still rolling all over the place & boost your butt way up high so it looks like you're wanting to figure out crawling too.

You have no teeth yet but are drooling up a storm & chewing on everything you can get your chubby little mitts on!  

You think your brother is the most hilarious person in the world & laugh the hardest at him & his silliness.  Cameron is so good to you & loves you so much!

You adore our pets & even love it when Dempsey licks your face.  Mommy does not like it though, especially when she's licking your wide open trap. Yuck!

Reese, thank you for blessing our lives the past seven months!  You're still our little joy baby & we love you more than you'll ever know!

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  1. She is just a darling bundle of 7 month old joy! Love her!