Friday, June 1, 2012

My loves

On our day off Monday for Memorial Day, we spent a lot of time just hanging out & soaking up the kids since we'd been away for a few days.

Cam & Reese just played around with their toys & Reese was able to play with this mirror toy for the first time.  Cam used to love this toy as a baby so it was fun to see her interacting with it too!

Here's Cam with the toy at about 9 & a half months old

Cam wanted to hold Reese on his lap & when I tried to pick her up after a while he said, No, Mom!  She's mine!  It was pretty darn cute.

Unfortunately as the week wore on, Reese developed a fever that got as high as 102.5 yesterday.  I was lucky enough to be able to take the day off so I could nurse my sick little gal back to good health.

I wasn't sure if I'd just send Cam to school, but decided against it when I woke up this morning to a very gloomy, rainy day.  Shockingly enough, Reese slept through the night without a peep!  We were expecting a long night, but she's such a good girl & even a trooper when sick.  

This morning was definitely tough though when she did not want to nap.  Normally she can't stay up for more than an hour & a half at at time, but today she was up for nearly four hours & would just wail when I put her down, even when I knew she was exhausted.  I gave her bottle to her a tad early & she was out cold after that & is still sleeping almost two & a half hours later.

I'm praying my sweet girl feels better soon!  It's been nice spending the quiet afternoon with my little man, Cam though!  He's such a good buddy & such awesome company.  I'm one blessed Mama!

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