Thursday, June 7, 2012

The summer of declutter!

Having a messy, cluttered house causes my head to be messy & cluttered as well.  So, I'm going to try to take advantage of my Wednesdays off & de-clutter as much as I possibly can!  So, this Wednesday, after allowing myself a quick half hour to relax, drink coffee & watch my beloved Today show, I tackled the kitchen & took care of some odds & ends that I've been meaning to do.  

We have a bid out on a short-sale house, so if all goes well, we could be moving in two months or six months; we have no idea.  Moves stress me out beyond belief & I've not moved since we've had kids so I imagine it'll be  a heck of a lot harder this time around!  I'm trying to be as prepared as possible & de-cluttering is the control freaks way of trying to control!  It was a very gloomy, rainy day, so it was perfect for staying inside.

Cam spent the day with me on Wednesday instead of going to school, but Reese went so that I could get things done to free up our weekend.  On Tuesday morning I woke up at around 5am which is a good hour before I have to be up.  I decided to just go ahead & get up since I couldn't fall back to sleep.  I ended up hearing one of the kids crying, just assuming it was Reese.  When I realized it was Cam, I knew something was up.  He initially told me his tummy hurt, but I think it was just because he was in his sleep & not even sure of what was going on.  Next thing I know he's complaining that his ear hurt.  First, it didn't seem like a big deal, but as the morning progressed, his pain got worse & worse.  We were trying to decide who would be able to take him to the doctor since we both work.  Since I took last Friday off to keep the sickly Reese home, Mike decided he would be the one to take him in.  

It was so heartbreaking to leave my sick, crying kid to rush out the door to make it to work on time.  If we're even one minute late, it counts against us, so I'm typically flying out the door each morning to beat the time clock.  I was so relieved to hear from Mike shortly after, letting me know that he was doing much better after seeing the doctor.  Turns out that Cam had a terrible ear infection.  The child will be four years old this year & this is his first ever ear infection.  The doctor dropped some numbing drops into his ear & that took his pain away.  He'll be on antibiotics for the next eight days though, but I'm so thankful that he's his happy, goofy self again.

After taking a lunch break to meet Mike at work over some sandwiches, we headed to Target.  It was so nice to have such a fun shopping buddy!  Cam got a new piggy bank since he broke his last one & of course he picked his favorite color, red! 

When we were back from Target, I started on Reese's room, clearing out her 6 month clothes & washing bins of 9-12 month clothes to re-stock her drawers.  It seems like I just cleared out her 3 month clothes!  She's growing so quickly & will be seven months old soon!

It felt very good to get a few things done & I was thankful to have the day with my little man!

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  1. I hear ya on the de-cluttering! It is better than therapy! I am so glad you have Wednesdays off now... we need to plan a lunch date!