Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Babies!

This morning both kids were as sweet & cute as can be so I decided to whip the camera out & take a few pictures.

I wanted to get some pics of Reese in just her diaper since I haven't seemed to have done that yet.

And this week I noticed just how meaty her little thighs have gotten so I definitely wanted to get a picture of that too! Love those chunker thighs! (And I love that you can see a tiny spot of blue on the line of her diaper showing she tinkled a bit!)

Cam wanted to get his blanket out after he saw I brought out Reese's!

Such a goofball!

I've been savoring the heck out of my family this weekend since it's back to work tomorrow!

I'm one lucky Mama!

We've been having a great weekend with Papa who is in town visiting from Chicago. It was his first time meeting Reese on Thursday night & he loves his first granddaughter!

Today we're relaxing with friends & family, eating some food & watching football! Happy weekend!!

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  1. Those are some ADORABLE pictures of Reesie Pie!

  2. She is precious Allison! I miss that little girl!