Friday, January 6, 2012

Recent Happenings

This week was very busy & has completely flown by! I cannot believe it's already Friday!

Monday was great because Mike was off of work with the New Year holiday. We went over to Matt & Kelly's to hang out & watch the OSU football game. Cam & Leah dressed up as princesses which was hilarious! It was so funny to see Cam walking around in heels & wearing earrings. Luckily Mike was a good sport about it!

Tuesday Kelly popped by with Reese's BFF, Samantha & we headed over to finally meet Cheryl's baby girl Sophie who is exactly 3 weeks younger than Reese & 3 weeks & one day younger than Sam!

On Wednesday Grammy flew in to meet her first granddaughter. I'm so glad that she's here... Cam's loving it since they're super close after all the visits she's paid us! In fact, right now they're on their typical Walmart date. Whenever we pass Walmart, Cam says, "Grammy takes me there!"

And this picture cracks me up every time I look at it for very obvious reasons. Lil Reese looks like a deer in headlights! Yesterday I had my 6-week OB check-up even though it's been 7 weeks & Reese & my MIL came along for the ride. I should've guessed the appointment would take forever since my doctor's office way overbooks. I ended up being there for an hour & a half! I can't complain too much though since one of my co-workers who also happened to be there ended up waiting two & a half hours! Complete BS. But Reese was a good girl & Grammy took her for a walk for part of the wait.

And then we headed to my work to show Reese off to my co-workers. It was weird going back to work after being off for nearly eight weeks. Everything seemed & looked different to me! I'm seriously getting nervous about going back & wondering how I'll manage everything after a long day. It feels like there are NEVER enough hours in the day when I'm working & I felt that way when I had only Cam. Throw another baby into the mix along with pumping at work since I'm still breastfeeding & it all seems overwhelming. I really need to just shut my brain off since worrying & wondering will get me nowhere. But I probably will need to clock out each time I pump which equates to nearly a half hour taken off each day. Does that mean I need to work an extra half hour each day?! I guess I'll have to work things out but the last thing I need is to make my long day even longer.

Reese is still waking up once a night, usually around 3am. After I fed her last night it took me a long time to fall asleep since I can never shut my mind off. As I finally dozed, the stinker kept grunting & losing her pacifier so I must have gotten out of bed about ten times to give it back to her. So, I've basically been up since 3am! Surprisingly I've had a ton of energy today & have been on a cleaning spree. I haven't vacuumed all week which is a long time when you have four furry animals walking around. I usually empty my Dyson before I vacuum just so I can see how much nastiness I'm actually living in. It's both satisfying & horrifying at the same time!

The weekend is going to be just as busy since my brother-in-law flies in tomorrow night to meet Reese. So much going on these days! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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