Thursday, January 12, 2012

Two Months!

Reese, you are officially two months old today! Time continues to fly by, but we're loving every minute of it! Well, maybe not the middle of the night wake-ups, but you're even ridiculously sweet & cute during those times too.

You usually sleep from around 8pm until about 3am & then again until 7:30am or so. You are such a little sweetheart & so incredibly kissable. I could literally kiss your bald little head all day long. I love it so much when the little hair that you do have gets all messy in the back after you've been laying down.

You smile so much, especially in the morning or after a good nap & a feeding. You're eating five ounces of breast milk every three to five hours & you take about five feedings per day.

The only times you cry are when you're very hungry or fighting sleep which you normally do after your evening meal. During the day you eat, lay around & kick, smile & charm all those around you & then you take another nap after you've been up for an hour & a half or two. During the late afternoon you usually stay up for a longer stretch of time.

You love your baths & get about two a week. You're obviously not getting into things yet so you stay a lot cleaner than your big brother. You rarely spit up either, but when it's time for a bath I say, "Lets go clean that stinky milk neck!" You wear a size one diaper but can still fit into a newborn size if you need to & you're wearing 0-3 month clothes.

We love it when you "talk" to us & enjoy every "story" you tell. I'll never get tired of hearing all those sweet little coos!

Your big brother loves you to bits & pieces & is such a helper for Mommy & Daddy. Cam's always grabbing us any little thing that we may need like a clean diaper or rash ointment. And speaking of diaper rashes, yours is finally better! After we used the Nystatin cream that the doctor prescribed, things started getting better & better & you're pretty much as good as new now.

Things aren't always easy around here since Mommy & Daddy are so busy & not getting as much sleep as we're used to, but we love you & your brother more than anything in the whole world & thank God for you both each day. I look so forward to experiencing all of your changes & watching you grow!

I've been told many times that Reese looks so much like Cameron... Check out their blog to see if you think they look alike!

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  1. You & Mike make cute kids. You should have at least two more! LoL!

    I can't believe Reese is already 2 months old! What a big girl! :)