Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fun Times

Saturday morning we headed to Busch Gardens on an absolutely beautiful day. We had such a great time just walking around, enjoying the beautiful park & soaking up the warm weather. Every time we go to Busch Gardens, we feel like we're on vacation. We're so lucky to live so close & to have yearly passes.

Reese was an absolute angel the entire day & either slept or just took in the sights.

We all love eating our sandwiches while overlooking the animals!

It isn't every day that you have this view on your lunch break! Hop over to Cam & Reese's blog to check out more pictures from the day!

I'm savoring the last moments of my maternity leave & we've kept Cam home both yesterday & today since I haven't wanted to be away from either of my babies. Today proved to be a very trying day since Cam not only skipped his nap, but was completely disrespectful in the process. As I tried to get him to sleep, he continued to get out of bed, jump around, run away from me & throw his toys around. I told him that I would take away every single toy of his for the rest of the day if he got out of bed one more time. Well, he got out of bed one more time so I literally took every toy & locked it in his bedroom until it was time for bed. Mike's been out both last night & tonight, so it's been a bit rough. But, I wasn't about to back down & I dealt with his crying & pleading & did not give in.

And though he can try my patience very often, Cameron is still my favorite boy in the entire world! I took my guy for a much needed makeover today. I cannot tell you just how much I disliked his bowl cut!!! He doesn't get all that many haircuts & I didn't take him for his past two, so this time I was able to take charge of what I wanted! He looks so cute with his new do!

Getting broken sleep each night with a newborn can be exhausting & even frustrating at times, but seeing this smile makes me forget all of that. This girl is such an absolute doll & I am beyond in love with her! I am so excited to experience all of her changes as she grows!

Tomorrow Mike has the day off so I'm hoping we'll do something fun for Uncle Nick's last day here. I know we'll be going for a nice dinner at Bonefish which I'm so looking forward to! Last time I was there Reese was in my belly so I couldn't get my usual martini or my beloved Ahi Tuna appetizer!!

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