Friday, December 2, 2011

Like a Weed...

My mom & I took Reese for her 2 week weigh-in yesterday since she'd lost 7% of her body weight at her 3 day check-up. We all took guesses as to what she would weigh this time around & Mike & I were guessing 7#, 2oz since she'd gone down to 6#, 9oz at her 3 day check. I thought my mom was being a little unrealistic when she guessed 7#, 7oz so I was shocked when the scale registered 7#, 9oz!! My little gal gained a full pound in 2 short weeks! And she's grown an inch & a half since birth! All that eating & sleeping is helping Reese to grow like a weed!

I'm so glad today is Friday... looking forward to Mike being home & spending the weekend as a family. This week has absolutely flown by though! My time home with Reese seems to be going way too fast so I'm savoring it before I have to go back to work full-time in 6 short weeks. Boo. My mom has been an amazing help & I am beyond thankful to have her here so I can focus more of my attention on Reese vs. the day-to-day chores. I've barely done laundry in two weeks... I better not get to used to this though since I'm being so spoiled right now! I'll be in for a big wake-up call when I'm back on my own!!

My mom even watched both kids last night so we could go out on a date. We NEVER got to go out when Cam was a baby (and we're rarely able to go out in general since we have no actual babysitters nearby) so this was an absolute treat! We had Italian food & then got some margaritas after dinner. I think it's so important for a couple to try to stay connected even when things are so hectic with kids. Easier said than done sometimes, but when you have the opportunity to do a date night, do it! It can be hard for me to leave the kids or I can feel like I don't want to put someone out by babysitting, but it's so worth it!

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  1. Hey, Matt and I babysat Cameron when he was an infant! Although you only stayed out 2 hours, so that's probably why you forgot. I really enjoyed that time with him which is why it's easy for me to remember. We're happy to babysit Reese and Cameron anytime..even if you just want to get out for some Christmas shopping. We love those kids!!