Saturday, December 10, 2011

Busy, Busy!

Wow, having a newborn & a three-year old has made getting ready for Christmas quite interesting! I cannot believe that Christmas is only two weeks away & I'm feeling very unprepared! I'm trying to shop online any chance I get but a few of my presents have been pretty time consuming so it's going slower than I'd like! The good news is I got my Christmas cards out yesterday & finished the few presents that were taking so much time.

Luckily Mike has been off the past couple of days & my mom was here before that. Reese is still a complete doll, but newborns keep you hopping regardless! When she's tired, she prefers to be held, so I'm learning to do a lot one-handed! Sometimes she fights sleep in the morning & at night so that can take some time, getting her to finally submit to sleep!

You'll notice in the picture above that Cam was playing with Mike's gear for the Chicago Bears podcast he & his friend Jonesy have been doing. Click here to check it out... it's very entertaining, especially if you're a football fan!

Overall, things are still going very well around here. I'm pretty tired some mornings & have found myself to be more hormonal & short-tempered lately. I snapped at Mike yesterday when he didn't get up with Cameron & I felt horrible afterward. I've started to realize just how easy having one kid actually was. At the time we only had one, I felt that Cam kept me so busy, but now managing one child at a time seems so easy. One big difference between one vs. two kids is that the mornings when Reese is sleeping in until nearly 9 like today, I'm still getting up at 7 with Cam. But, I wouldn't change things for a second! I just need to work through these hormones & try to be more patient even when I'm exhausted. Not always easy though!

Reese loves, loves, loves to be talked to & listens intently... She mimics facial expressions when we open our mouths at her or stick out our tongues.

Cam is still such a loving big brother & such a helper! He truly loves his baby sister.

Tomorrow I'll be taking Cam to Busch Gardens to meet my family for my dad & brother's birthdays. Mike is staying home with Reese since we don't want to risk getting her sick. I got a manual breast pump to take along so I can be a mobile Bessie the Cow! Pumping has helped me stock up a lot of breast milk! Normally I use the Medela Pump in Style which is great but it's large, not at all discreet & needs to be plugged in. I stopped by Target yesterday & chose the Medela Harmony because it already goes with the parts I currently have & it had good reviews. I tried it out yesterday & pumped about four ounces in ten minutes. It took longer because you can only pump one side at a time. I'm hoping to breastfeed as long as I can & so far so good! But I'm looking forward to some much needed one-on-one time with my favorite son in the world!!

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  1. I'd like to hear more about your breasts!!! But that's just me... :)
    Can't believe she is almost 1 month old?!?! Does the time not fly with the second child? Geesh...I can't believe I could start feeding Oliver some cereal starting next week..and I can't believe he is the same age as when we brought Adelaide down to visit you guys! Crazy! Glad you are doing well! Now you know what it's like to have a little peanut of our own! She looks so cute and tiny in the bouncy. She seems to look like Cameron a lot, right? Your coloring right Allison? Are you sure Mike is the father?