Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

Holy cow have things been busy lately! It feels like I haven't had a moment of downtime in over a week.. I haven't logged onto the computer or touched my pictures until today so it feels like things are starting to calm down!

We had a really nice Christmas spent with my family. Of course we missed Mike's family a lot but we couldn't travel with Reese to Chicago this year as we planned since she's only a month old.

Christmas Eve was at our house & boy was it hectic! I was running around like a madwoman all day long & the festivities ended late so we were all wiped out. But it was great spending the day with family & the kids could not wait to open their presents! Maddy was literally counting down the hours until it was time!

Christmas morning the four of us opened our presents & enjoyed delicious homemade cinnamon rolls by Paula Deen. Click here for the recipe. We made them the night before & popped them into the oven in the morning when we were ready to eat.

Reese slept in on Christmas morning but she was very excited to open the present that her big brother picked for her!

After presents & breakfast we all piled into the car & headed to Mike & Melanie's house for Christmas dinner. Getting out of the house was super hectic since I'm still breastfeeding & we had to plan it around Reese's schedule. We left the house looking like a bomb had gone off so I was quite frazzled!

But on Monday I was an organizing fool & ended up pitching a ton of things so that we have plenty of room for all of the kids' new toys. It was a wonderful Christmas but I still cannot believe it's already over & that today is the last day of 2011!

2011 started out terribly after I lost both of my grandmas in the very first month. We also lost Mike's amazing Aunt Elaine so it's been a rather rough year. Thank God for Reese who is such an absolute blessing. Here's to hoping that 2012 is a wonderful, new year! Happy New Year, everyone!

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