Monday, December 5, 2011

3 Weeks Old

Reese is three weeks old already! Time is flying by for sure! We had a really nice weekend together as a family but it flew by too quickly as it always does. Reese is awake a lot more of the day but she's still such a laid back little gal. With her increased alertness things definitely are getting busier though. It seems I'm always partially doing everything & going back a million times before something gets completely done. In fact, as I type this, my makeup is still not fully applied even though I first started putting it on hours ago!

It would be helpful if I wasn't such a psycho about getting things done & constantly scrutinizing my house & seeing things that need to be cleaned or organized. I have SUCH a hard time just relaxing. I am letting some things slide so I have more time to focus on Reese & truly enjoy her at this amazingly sweet age. Her newborn clothes are already starting to get snug so I know she's growing way too quickly!

Yesterday I got my kiddos dressed in their Bears gear & they looked so cute snuggling together on the floor. Cam is an amazing big brother & absolutely loves his sister. When he first wakes up & she's still sleeping, he always asks where she is. It seems we're constantly washing his hands or putting on sanitizer since he always wants to touch her & kiss her. We're trying our best to keep her healthy but it's not easy when Cam touches EVERYTHING & also goes to daycare. And wouldn't you know, I'm now sick too! I was healthy my entire pregnancy & now I get a cold... what the heck?!

Reese was wearing Cam's Bears onesie & below you'll see a picture of my baby boy wearing it three years ago at about the same age.

I'm so incredibly blessed to have two beautiful kids!

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  1. yes, you definitely have two beautiful healthy kids! They are great! I love the new pics you added on the side bar.

  2. You are blessed with your beautiful family!!