Monday, November 28, 2011

Two Weeks Old!

Reese is two weeks old today! We're still doing really, really well & enjoying the heck out of our girl.

My mom will be staying with me again this week which is great. So far I've had zero issues with postpartum anxiety (unlike my experience with Cam) but I'm just making sure all is well before I turn away the extra help. I never want to experience that kind of anxiety ever again so I'm playing it safe this time around. I'm someone who is not at all good at accepting help but for the sake of my sanity & for the good of my kids, I'm putting a bit of pride aside & taking it. Cam is back at daycare this week which is also a good thing since he keeps so active & structured there & is able to burn off some energy. We've definitely had some issues with him listening (or, I should say not listening) this week which has been very frustrating. His favorite word has been NO! & I've found myself short on patience. I'll pick him up early from daycare as my mom stays with Reese, but it'll be good for us to miss each other a bit!

Reese is doing great! Eating & sleeping lots & being a very content, calm girl. She even slept through the night last night... unbelievable. I truly believe that a newborn either sleeps well or doesn't. We've done nothing different with her than we did with Cam & he was up a ton during the night. Here's to hoping she keeps that up!! I'm loving staying home with my girl & having time off of work. And what a perfect time of year to be off!

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  1. Funny, almost everytime Samantha sleeps on me, I fall asleep too! She makes me so relaxed most of the time. Leah's been trying us a lot lately too. Purposely not listening, and saying "no" a lot, and then grins as we disipline her. That stinker! Unfortunately it's probably the attention she's seeking, even though it's negative. I guess we all have to work on some other approaches.