Tuesday, November 8, 2011

39 Week Update

Here I am at the end of my pregnancy & I really cannot believe it. It's really happening... Reese is almost here. This has been such a whirlwind year so my pregnancy is a blur & I just know soon after she's born, I won't even be able to truly remember being pregnant. So as uncomfortable as I continue to be, I'm savoring every kick & movement I feel.

How am I feeling? Very nervous, anxious, excited, ready, not at all ready... The emotions vary day to day & hour to hour. There are moments where I think, Oh yeah, I can do this! I'm ready for labor, I'm ready to have a new baby, I'm ready to be the mom of two kids! And other times I think, Oh my goodness, I can't even stand to think about getting through labor, how am I going to handle two kids when sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with my life already?! Don't get me wrong, I'm so thankful to be at the end of a healthy pregnancy & ready to meet my little girl, but it gets scary sometimes & I'm a worrier by nature anyway.

Any new changes this week? Oh yeah! I had my weekly OB check-up on Monday & I'm now 2 cm dilated (from basically nothing last week). My doctor decided that if I don't go into labor on my own this week, I'll be admitted to the hospital on Sunday night for induction. Wow, wow, wow! When he said that, my reply was, As in this Sunday?! With Cameron, I really didn't want to be induced but this time around I'm actually hoping for it since my labor with him so was fast & scary. But I guess none of it is up to me so we'll see if she hangs out in my belly until then. I'm still working this week & ready to be done with that too. It's not been easy, hauling my big pregnant self around for a full day of work & then heading home to take care of Cam & everything else that goes along with life. I'm trying to savor my sleep & soak up every single second of uninterrupted sleep while I can since that's coming to a screeching halt very soon. I'm also trying to enjoy the last bit of one on one time I have with Cam before his time is shared with his baby sister. I'm just very emotional this week & trying to deal with all the ups & downs I'm feeling. Tonight's been especially rough for some reason & I even had a big cry which sort of helped. I think I'm just overwhelmed with so many emotions right now.

Weight gain? 18.5 pounds

And here's my "push present!" I've had a necklace with Cam's name on it since he was born so I wanted to get one to include my little girl too!

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  1. Wow! She's almost here! Can't wait to see pictures of your newest little one when she arrives. Hoping she has a smooth (and easy) arrival.

  2. Are Cam & Reese's birthstones Bears colors? I know it's hard not to worry about how, when, where you're going to go into labor but everything will be just fine! Hopefully you'll make it till Sunday night! :)

  3. That's right... savor those sweet (yet painful) kicks and movements. Miss Reesie is ALMOST here! I wonder if you'll wait until Sunday. Love your Push Present - nice job Mike!