Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our Hospital Stay...

Well, we're settled at home with Reese now & everyone is doing great! I have to say that this overall experience has been night & day from the one I had with Cam. Sunday we checked into the hospital & rested until 4am when they started the induction process & the Pitocin. I slept maybe two broken hours, but all in all I felt pretty good Monday morning. I really wanted to get my epidural before things got too painful, but that really didn't end up happening. When the Pitocin was first started, the contractions were completely manageable. That all changed when the doctor came in at 6am & decided to break my water, just after the nurse increased the rate of my Pitocin. Things got pretty painful from there & the anesthesiologist seemed to be taking his sweet time!

After the epidural was in place at around 7:30am, it was a much more comfortable experience. We basically waited & tried to relax until I was 10cm which happened around 9am. I did a couple of practice pushes with the nurse & then when the doctor arrived, I pushed maybe twice & Reese was quickly born at 9:39am.

Seeing Reese for the first time was a very emotional experience for me as I heard her first cries, Mike cut the umbilical cord & they placed her on my chest. It was seriously love at first sight. I think with Cam, I was so overwhelmed with everything since it was my first time around, that I didn't feel nearly as bonded with him as quickly. Things just felt really right this time. Cam & I could not be closer now, but it did take time for me. I think that contributed to my postpartum anxiety since I felt like a bad mom who wasn't connecting to her child.

After Reese was born we moved rooms, she got her first bath from a group of nursing students & we settled into our very spacious room. She slept a lot of the day! It was awesome when Cam came with Grandma & met his baby sister for the first time!! He was wonderful with her immediately & just wanted to hold her. It was, however, very upsetting when he had to leave a couple of hours later. He just didn't want to go so my heart completely broke as I comforted him as he cried. The nurse brought me out into the hall to ask if I wanted to walk him out to the car & I completely lost it & cried hysterically. Luckily my friends were there to calm me down & Daddy walked a happier Cam to the car.

Since I came back Group B Strep positive, we had to stay for 48 hours after delivery. Tuesday was very low-key & relaxing & Mike & I spent a lot of the day just bonding with Reese. My co-workers visited (since I delivered at the hospital where I work) & Cam & Grandma came for a while too. We sent Reese to the nursery both nights so we could get some much needed sleep before heading home. We didn't do that with Cam & ended up getting VERY little sleep & coming home like walking zombies. I am so thankful we came home rested & ready to handle our three year old & newborn.

I'll post more about our first couple of days home, but thus far we are really doing great & it's been wonderful to be home as a family of four!! I am so blessed.

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  1. I'm SO glad you had a smoother more controlled delivery Allison. It's nice to actually enjoy the experience! And I understand how you felt when Reese was born. I had a great delivery with Madelyn but we struggled with the breast feeding so our first 3 weeks were rough. With Mikayla was I was so much more relaxed and connected to her. Plus, I think the second time around we make the effort to savor every moment because we know how fast they go by. I'm glad things are going so well at home. We can't wait to see you guys on Thanksgiving.