Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gorgeous Weekend

I was absolutely thrilled with the weather this weekend since it was the first time we had a reprieve from the heat since winter. We decided to take advantage of the gorgeous day & hit Busch Gardens this morning since it's Grammy's last weekend before she heads back to Chicago.

After sweating for the past five months, I cannot tell you just how refreshing a cool breeze felt! Especially at eight & a half months pregnant...

We got to the park as it opened & just wandered around, admiring the different animals, taking the Sky Ride a couple of times & even hopping on the train.

Cam was so excited to see the hippos swimming around the water!

Until the hippo decided to have him for a late breakfast!! Only kidding, these are just fake hippos & Cameron was not harmed in any way...

We had such a fantastic time & enjoyed the heck out of the break from the heat!

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  1. Yikes you scared me, I had to look at the calendar! But now I realize you are calculating in lunar months. (and trying to confuse everyone!!) LOL glad you had a nice time. Thought of you today because the trees are all so colorful and I know you miss them. Wish you were here!

  2. Ahh Lesli, you have no idea how much I miss Fall in Illinois!!! Breaks my heart a little each year I miss it!! Enjoy it for me!!