Sunday, October 9, 2011

Working on the Nest!

There's been a lot of nesting going on here this weekend! They say you're getting close to the baby arriving when you begin nesting, but I'm not so sure that could be accurate for me since it's rare that I sit & relax. But, I have been in gear to get as much organized & ready before my little girl arrives. Friday I was pitching out nastiness of mystery Tupperware containers that tend to make their way to the back of the fridge, only to be forgotten for several months when I decided to completely scour the entire fridge. I ended up having an impromptu scrub fest, emptying & scrubbing every drawer & shelf in the dang thing. Works out well though since I always clean the fridge before the holidays since we host Thanksgiving each year. Easier to do it with a baby growing quietly in my belly vs. crying & fussing on the outside!

I made my way through another bin of Cam's clothes that will work for Reese too... lots of Chicago Bears & White Sox gear. It'll be cute to see them wear the same clothes! I also washed a lot of the Velcro swaddlers we had from Cam. He didn't seem to enjoy being tightly swaddled but maybe she will? I've been reading The Happiest Baby on the Block which talks about the concept of the "4th trimester" & swaddling is a big part of calming your hysterical infant. But who knows, maybe Reese will be the perfect baby who just never fusses & cries?! Ha.

We even got the swing & bouncy seat washed & set up too. And we had to buy a new infant car seat since Cam's was a hand-me-down that we didn't want to use again. Luckily we had a 20% off coupon for Babies R Us that we took advantage of.

I'd still like to do some decorating of her room without going overboard since our house is for sale. Still thinking about what I could do... Maybe find some cute decals for the wall? I'm pretty sure we're going to put her name on the wall above her crib in wooden letters. We shall see! But I have to say, it does feel good to be getting things ready for our gal!

And I've also gotten our house spruced up for Fall! Granted, since moving to Florida, Fall is nothing spectacular since the trees don't change colors & a chilly breeze is 80 degrees, but I'll still take it! Better than the hellishly hot Summer!

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  1. Everything's looking good Allison, that nesting thing is crazy. I couldn't believe my compulsion to clean & organize when I was prego with the girls. Your house always looks so cute this time of year too! :)