Thursday, October 27, 2011

37 Week Update

I cannot wrap my head around the fact that I'm now 37 weeks pregnant & considered full term! How did this even happen?! When I think about my pregnancy it kind of all blurs together... Reese is now weighing 6 1/3 pounds & measures a little over 19 inches... Like a stalk of Swiss chard. What the hell is Swiss chard?! Come on Baby Center, use more well known fruits & vegetables!

How am I feeling? Pretty hormonal & tired. I've had more bouts of waking up during the middle of the night & being unable to fall back to sleep which has been incredibly rough. Otherwise my aches & pains have just been intensifying, especially my groin pain. Walking has been a major challenge these days! My leg swelling is also pretty bad & barely subsides at all so it's here to stay until our gal arrives. Reese's movements are super strong & I'm trying to savor them, knowing she'll be out before I know it. I've been getting shooting pains which I know are contractions since I felt the same thing with Cam at this point & my Braxton Hicks contractions are also intensifying. And again, even though I'm not sleeping well, I'm still savoring it & NOT looking so forward to being up many times a night with a crying baby!

The above picture is me with Reese now at 37 weeks & below was me with Cam at this same time! I think my belly was a bit pointier with Cam..

Any new changes this week? Not really. I'll be going to my weekly OB check-ups starting Monday we we'll see if I'm dilated. Otherwise, I'm just trying to finish up last minute baby preparation. I'm trying to get as much in order as possible before my gal arrives!

Weight gain? 18 pounds!

Here's Reese's room which is still a work in progress... I've kind of taken on a black & white theme which I'm pretty happy with. We already had our black & white Chicago pictures in that room so I grabbed onto that & went with it. I'll post more pictures as things get more organized.

And our helper Cameron is always standing close by!

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  1. My gosh! 37 weeks?! I can't believe it either Allison! Reesey Piecey is almost here!