Monday, October 17, 2011

Showered with Love!

When my mom broached the subject of hosting a baby shower for us, I hesitated since it didn't seem right to have one for baby #2. She insisted on throwing one though, and Saturday it was finally time to celebrate the arrival of Baby Reese with family & friends!

The shower turned out beautifully & I felt so special! It was so relaxed & low-key which was perfect! You'll see in the above left picture, there are three pregos! Kelly is one week behind me & Cheryl is 4 weeks behind me. And my friend Lauren B who was there is also pregnant so we had 4 pregnant girls all carrying girls!!

The decorations were wonderful & Lauren made me an amazingly beautiful diaper cake! I was majorly impressed with her skills & it's now proudly displayed in Reese's room. I'm not sure if I'll ever have the heart to disassemble it to use the diapers though!! Melanie designed the candles since she's working at a great candle company & I was thrilled when I saw & smelled them!

Opening presents for Reese was so exciting & I was extremely thankful for everyone's generosity & thought. We didn't want Cameron to feel left out so he got a Lightning McQueen car from his baby sister.

And he had a blast playing with his cousins as always.

I'm so incredibly thankful to have such wonderful friends & family to come & celebrate our baby girl!!

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  1. It was a perfect little shower! I'm glad you enjoyed it and Reesey got some cute stuff!