Sunday, September 4, 2011

Long Weekend

It is so incredibly nice to be in the midst of a long, holiday weekend! Having that one extra day off of work makes all the difference in the world!

We're enjoying our time together as a family this weekend & have spent time with friends too. Before heading to Matt & Kelly's house yesterday, Cam was able to play in the bath. Mommy was able to multi-task by cleaning the bathroom as he played in the tub! That kid could seriously spend hours in the tub if I let him. Luckily now that he's older I'm able to get things done as he bathes. Many times I'll sit on the floor outside the bathroom & fold laundry as he plays. Or I'll tidy up his room which is right next to the bathroom, popping in & out to check on him. He's a good boy though & just uses his imagination to play with his toys & cars in the tub.

He loves to play the "dumping" game where we pretend we really don't want him to dump his toys but he does anyway. We say, Don't dump it! Don't dump it! And he gets a huge smile on his face & dumps the whole thing. Such a stinker.

Before church this morning we're heading to Panera since a certain chocolate croissant caught my eye when I was there Friday & has been calling to me since! We have absolutely no plans after church which I'm very excited about. Last weekend we were gone from early morning until Cam's bedtime both Saturday & Sunday so we had zero downtime & no time to get anything done around the house. It will be nice to get some things done & just relax.

Unfortunately on Friday as I was hanging out with Cam in his room, he bashed his chin on his bed & bit his lip. Luckily it wasn't his teeth that were affected but the poor guy was gushing blood from his mouth & screaming as we tried to ice his lip. He's a tough cookie though & hasn't been fazed by it since.

Tomorrow morning we'll be heading to Lauren & Josh's pool & then relaxing before it's back to work. But, we only have two days of work since we head to Disney on Thursday to celebrate Cam's 3rd birthday. I cannot wait to enjoy a weekend getaway with my family!

Hope everyone is having a nice, long weekend!!

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  1. What an awesome weekend it was; it was great spending so much time with you guys! As always!


  2. Long weekends are the best! I'm glad Cam didn't do any worse than the busted lip! I'm always so worried about the teeth! As I replied in my tweet Mikayla is notorious for busting hers open over the years. The first time it happened during Maddy's dance recital security called an ambulance, and just recently we had to fill out an incident report at the YMCA. The lip bleeds hard & fast, but thankfully it heals fast too! :)

  3. OMG, an ambulance!? That's awfully dramatic for a busted lip! Ha ha! Poor lil Mikayla! But, you're right, Mel, his lip healed SUPER fast!