Tuesday, September 20, 2011

32 Week Update

Holy cow, I cannot believe I'm now eight months pregnant! Where has the time gone?! This week Reese weighs about 3.75 pounds & is 16.7 inches long. She's now gaining about a 1/2 pound a week & will gain a third to a half of her birth weight from now until then! Things are only getting tighter in that cramped belly of mine!

How am I feeling? Same discomfort of pelvic, back, rib & sternum pain. This week has been especially bad since I've been really stressed since we've had some bad news in our family. We were told a week & a half ago that Mike's Aunt Elaine was given only 6 months to live after discovering that her uterine cancer had spread. We were so devastated to hear that since we love & adore her so much & actually thought she was doing well. Unfortunately we didn't often get to see Aunt Elaine since she lived in Illinois. Well, at the end of last week we got the call that Aunt Elaine had passed. As heartbroken as we are, we're thankful that her suffering wasn't prolonged & she passed in her sleep in the comfort of her own home. Mike just got home from been out of town since Saturday for the funeral & then work so things have been pretty hectic around here. Not to mention that I made the long trek to Ft. Lauderdale for my Uncle Keith's wedding this weekend. The wedding was on the beach & absolutely gorgeous, but I felt a little low since Mike & Cam were supposed to be there with me. Thankfully Matt & Kelly volunteered to watch Cam so that I didn't have to drag him nearly ten hours in the car by myself & I was able to relax & enjoy the wedding. We are so incredibly blessed to have such amazing friends.

Any new changes this week? More leg swelling! BOO! This time it's been more consistent which makes me think it's probably here to stay. It seems that my body tries to get rid of the excess fluid at night which makes me run to the bathroom quite often. In addition to that, I've also been waking up a horrible sweaty mess in the middle of the night which is so gross! I also had quite a bit of Braxton Hicks contractions since last week from all the running I was doing but they seem to have lessened so far this week.

I had a routine OB check-up yesterday & all looks wonderful. My doctor said that Reese's growth is right on track. As he was trying to listen to her heartbeat, she was jumping all over the place which was funny. The doctor even commented, Holy cow, she's having a party in there! That's my active girl!

Weight gain? 13 pounds.

And here are some pictures from my uncle's wedding on Saturday...

I was finally able to meet my cousin Kristin's daughter, Maggie & catch up with her & her husband, Timmy. Maggie is 2 months old so there will be a 4 month difference between her & Reese.

The wedding location was perfect!

And after 21 years together, they finally tied the knot! So happy for Uncle Keith & Amy!

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