Wednesday, September 14, 2011

31 Week Update

Here I am at 31 weeks & Reese is measuring at nearly 16 inches!! That is insane to me! She weighs about 3.3 pounds & will be getting bigger very quickly with a growth spurt on the way.

How am I feeling? Very uncomfortable. My lower back feels super weak & sore as does my pelvis. Work continues to be really busy & I'm spending a lot of time on my feet, rushing around like a nut. I seriously cannot imagine what I'm going to feel like in a month or so when I'm already this uncomfortable. Compared to my pregnancy with Cam, I'm feeling way more uncomfortable sooner! My ribs & sternum have been feeling bruised in the evening & my leg cramps are in full force during sleep. Last night would have been extremely amusing had there been a camera filming me attempt to leap out of bed from a dead sleep & find it very difficult to stand up. As I was struck with a horrid left calf cramp, my right ankle cramped & I seriously could not get out of bed! It was awful. Unbenounced to me, Mike noticed me struggling while he was in his sleep but later told me that he fell back to sleep before he could actually assist me. Nice! I've also been having Braxton Hicks contractions here & there, especially when I'm really stressed & busy.

Anything new this week? I got my RhoGAM shot yesterday since I'm Rh negative. If Reese is Rh positive, I'll get another shot after she's born. BUT, since Mike is Rh negative like me, there's no way she'll be positive. And when he reads this, Mike will joke, That's if I'm the father. Ha ha, he he, ho ho!

Weight gain? Still 12 pounds.

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  1. 31 weeks look good on you! I can't believe Reecie is that big already!

  2. Thanks, LG! It's flying by & it seems she'll be here before we know it!!