Wednesday, September 7, 2011

30 Week Update

I cannot believe I've hit the 30 week mark! That's always seemed like a big milestone to me in pregnancy.. the home stretch! Reese weighs almost 3 pounds & is 15.7 inches long at the size of a cabbage. She's my Cabbage Patch Kid!

Oh & I look like a worn down old lady in this week's picture because that exactly what I felt like! Mike took this while I was still in my scrubs & not yet showered. I've retired my scrub top since it no longer fits over my belly!

How am I feeling? At the moment? Exhausted! Work was super busy the past two days & I put in longer hours. I've been getting us packed for our Disney mini vacation since I got home today so I am wiped! I cannot wait to have our first real family vacation! We're taking Cam for his third birthday as a last hurrah before he has to share the limelight with his sister. The weather isn't supposed to be as hot as it normally is so hopefully I survive our long day at the Magic Kingdom on Friday. Cameron is going to be in awe of everything he sees!

Otherwise I felt great over the long weekend, but as soon as it was back to work on Tuesday, I felt like crap yet again. I am SO much more achy & in pain in my hips, pelvis & back on workdays & it has to be related to the stress, extra time on my feet & lack of relaxation.

Any new changes this week? I had a routine OB check-up yesterday which was thankfully uneventful. I'll be seeing the doctor every two weeks until I hit 36 weeks & begin my weekly visits. My swelling has been off & on & luckily off way more than on. But anytime I'm on my feet too much & not drinking enough water, I can feel the tightness in my legs & feet. Yuck!

Weight gain? 12 pounds.

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  1. You look great! I loved being 30 weeks pregnant. It is a huge milestone. Take it easy as much as you can, you deserve to relax and let things go that don't really matter.