Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Happenings

Friday evening we kicked off our weekend with a date night which is usually rare for us. We're so lucky that Cam's daycare has started a once a month Parent's Night Out that gives parents like us who really have no babysitter a chance to get out on the town. It was so nice to have a quiet, tasty dinner to sit & talk with no interruptions. Dining with a two year old isn't exactly relaxing! After dinner we got some ice cream & then headed to get Cam. His daycare keeps them up until midnight for $25; they're fed dinner & then they play like crazy. When we got there, a big group of them were playing duck duck goose but our guy was playing with cars & trains. He had an absolute blast & ended up sleeping until nearly 8:30 Saturday morning.

We've had an empty fish tank for a while now so Saturday afternoon we decided to take Cam to the pet store to pick his very own fish. He went in with a plan in mind, knowing that he wanted a red fish! Not only did he pick this little guy but he also chose the name entirely on his own. So, I'd like to introduce you to Cam's new fish, Pen!

After heading up the children's ministry at church this morning, I had absolutely zero energy this afternoon. I seriously felt like all of the life had been zapped out of my body. Perhaps Reese is going through a growth spurt??

Luckily Matt & Kelly text & invited us to a picnic dinner in the park or I'd have never left the recliner. After I finally got my lazy butt up, I felt much better.

We headed to a really neat park that's near a big lake with huge trees & nature paths. The rain stopped just as we got there so we thought we were in the clear for the rest of the evening...

Well, we surely thought wrong! After heading down a wooden boardwalk to a covered picnic table on the water, we distractedly ate & hung out. The kids loved looking at the ducks & listening to the frogs so we didn't even realize just how dark it was getting until we saw a huge flash of lightning & nearly jumped out of our seats after hearing the massive thunder clap. So our picnic came to a screeching halt as we quickly packed up & dashed to the safety of our cars!

And here I sit on Sunday night, knowing I should absolutely get my prego butt to bed since I have to get to work super early to compensate for my 8am doctor's appointment tomorrow. I want to get a good jump on my sleep so the early start & hectic morning doesn't get my week off on the wrong foot. Anyway, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!

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