Thursday, July 21, 2011

23 Week Update

I'm now 23 weeks pregnant & according to Baby Center, Reese weighs just over one pound & is 11 inches long at the size of a mango. Coincidentally it just so happens that I've been on a major mango kick this week & eating one nearly every night, thanks to Mike!

How am I feeling? This has been a bit of a tough week. My sinuses have felt like crap for some reason, I haven't been sleeping well & I'm starting to feel quite large. I've been feeling a lot of pressure on my stomach this week so I can definitely tell that Reese is growing (which is wonderful)! After taking a couple of bites of my meal, I feel pretty full. I know I still have a major ways to go so I'll stop my complaining now!

Any new changes this week? I had my monthly OB check-up on Monday which thankfully went well & was uneventful. Besides Reese getting more & more active with her gymnastics in my belly, things are pretty standard this week. Feeling my little one move & squirm is absolutely amazing & I'll never get tired of it! I put her ultrasound pictures up at my desk at work so when I feel her move & kick, I look over at her little profile & can't help but smile!

Weight gain? 4 pounds.

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  1. You look awesome! I wonder whose idea it was to continually compare the size of a baby to an item of food... don't they know who their audience is?? ;)

  2. Thanks, gals! Some days I feel great, others totally blah!! :o)

  3. Love you guys so much;) you look great!