Saturday, July 30, 2011


I'm part of a woman's book club right now (which I'll blog more about later) & the latest chapter we read included a little bit of a project... We were asked to list five qualities that our husband holds & to then write a letter to our spouse describing those qualities that we appreciate.

When life gets hectic we sometimes forget to remind the people we love that they are appreciated. There are so many things I love & appreciate about Mike but the five that I listed were: Loyal, loving, funny, supportive & caring. I am so blessed to have met such an amazing husband & Daddy for my kids. It's not often that the first person you ever date ends up being your spouse! I'm so grateful that Mike loves me for EXACTLY who I am. I never have to keep my guard up or walk on eggshells around him. Even when I'm sick or crabby or not exactly in prime form, he still loves me unconditionally (though cringing on the inside, I'm sure!)

Here we are at prom in 1997

Our wedding day, May 24, 2002

He's also the funniest guy that I know & can lighten any mood & make just about anyone feel at ease. I could be in the midst of bawling my eyes out & he'll say something to instantly crack me up. He's also an awesome friend to my girlfriends which I adore. And my family would probably choose him as their own child over me if they had to!! Ha!

So Mike, thank you for always being there for me no matter what even when I'm acting like a cranky brat. Thank you for all the things you do for me, both big & small. You're always so willing to hop out of bed to grab me whatever it is that my pain in the butt self my be requesting. Especially now with pregnancy... Mike, I need Tums. Gee, some milk would really hit the spot right now. Could you grab me my contact case? Oh & my glasses... There are many times I really wish I could be as patient & level-headed as you! Thank goodness I didn't end up with an equally high-strung, nutty person like myself! So just know that you are so loved & appreciated, even when I forget to tell you!

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  1. Thank you my love! I'm quite the lucky man myself!

  2. I loved this post! Thanks for sharing pictures too! It is obvious that you are both still very much in love with one another. :)