Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Independance Day!

We had a wonderful holiday weekend celebrating the 4th & loving our extra day off from work yesterday!

Sunday morning we whipped up a patriotic berry trifle to take to Jill & Josh's party & Cam enjoyed the heck out of licking the whipped cream off the beaters!

Kelly just found out that she's having a girl! I still cannot believe that we're only one week apart in our pregnancies... how crazy is that?! And Lauren just celebrated Taylor's 9th week on Sunday!

Monday we headed to Lauren & Josh's pool with the whole gang to celebrate the 4th.

Cam had a blast playing with his fellow two-year old friends! We feel so lucky to have wonderful friends with kids that are Cam's age. It's perfect for both the parents & the kiddos!

It was a fantastic way to celebrate our country & our freedom! We love you, America!!

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  1. Great weekend spent with awesome friends!!


  2. Oh yeah, and I can't wait for our girls to have their first sleep over!